Losing at Blackjack

The odds of losing at blackjack run relatively high which is why it's so important to understand the factors that lead to loosing streaks. We examine these factors and provide inisght to help you avoid being a blackjack loser.

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Losing at Blackjack

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Losing in Blackjack

No matter what casino game you happen to play, you want to win, and blackjack is no exception. Since it is a game that does not rely solely on pure luck, you can approach the game with some skill. Many players spend significant amounts of time trying to develop a strategy to decrease blackjack losses. Card counting is one of those strategies that if used properly can increase your odds. But sometimes, no matter what you try, you still lose at blackjack. It won’t matter what system or strategy you use or where you play. Losing at blackjack is not fun and there are simply times when nothing works for you. 

Losing Streaks - Why They Happen

Every player, sooner or later, will hit a losing streak at least once in their gambling career (although usually it will happen more than once). Sometimes they happen for a short period before the player gets back on track. At other times, those losing streaks may continue to hang on and drag a player down. But why do players go through losing streaks? Well, there may be a few factors.

First of all, losing at blackjack is part of the game. It is part of gambling. You are not going to win all the time. However, if you are constantly losing at blackjack, then one of the most common problems with blackjack players is lack of discipline. Many players will try to play on a hunch and then they bet big when they feel “lucky”. This is a HUGE mistake, not just in blackjack but in any casino game. Never play on a hunch (unless you just have buckets of cash lying around). Always use discipline and strategy.

Another factor to losing at blackjack is a cold table. While some scoff at superstitious idea that a table can be unlucky, in reality it the table could be the problem, but not because of luck. You may have a dealer who slows down game play. You may not be getting enough rounds of game play in an hour’s time at one table. Try to scout out the tables in a casino and see which one has more action.

Some players who lose at blackjack suffer from the simple problem of not knowing when to quit. This can happen one of two ways. The first is when a player is winning and after they have pocketed a sizable amount of cash, an unlucky turn causes them to lose everything they have won. Instead of quitting, the player is now upset at losing all that they have won so they keep playing in the attempt to win it back. This is a good time for the losing streak to happen. The second way a losing streak happens is because a player starts out losing. And they keep losing again and again. Many players will try to stick it out in the stubborn hope of turning things around. All this does is deplete your bankroll that much quicker.

Avoid Being a Blackjack Loser

So now you know how losing streaks can sometimes happen. But how do you avoid being a blackjack loser? Are there strategies and tips you can use to avoid being a blackjack loser? Yes, there is. These are simple things that you can try in order to minimize the length of any losing streak.

The most important thing to remember when trying to avoid being a blackjack loser is don’t tilt. In other words, once things start to go against you, don’t lose control. The casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City have numerous stories of players who went into a self-destructive mode because they started losing and lost control of their emotions. It’s easy to do. When you get upset and frustrated, you stop thinking clearly and tend to make mistakes. Always stay in control and don’t throw away money trying to make back a big loss.

Also in relation to going tilt, players should avoid over-betting. So you have lost a couple of rounds and you are down a couple of hundred. Don’t try to over-bet and win it all back quickly. Many professional blackjack players will tell you that the best way to win at blackjack is slow and steady.

When you are having a consistent losing streak at blackjack, take a break. Get up, leave the table, and go for a walk. If you are at a casino for just a day, go home and try again the next day. If you are staying at the casino for a few days, go hag out at the pool for awhile or go catch a show. This will give you time to clear your head of mounting frustrations.

Get some rest! Yes, a lot of players will stay at a blackjack table for hours on end but once you feel yourself growing tired, it’s time to call it a day. Once the body and mind start getting tired, the odds of a player making a mistake increase and it could be a mistake that costs you big. Go home or up to your room and get some sleep.

A final tip about how to avoid being a blackjack loser is to be realistic. If you manage your own expectations about winning then it will have a huge impact on your success as a player. Amateur blackjack players expect to win more than they lose and they expect to do it in every session. As soon as they walk into a casino, these amateurs have decided that they will walk away with big cash winnings in their pocket. This is a huge mistake that will always result in one big disappointment. Serious blackjack players should know that, even at a game where you can have an advantage over the house, you are not always going to come out ahead. The object is to try to come out ahead after the accumulation of several sessions. If you can manage this, then you will be a blackjack winner.


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